Vitamin C Overdose

Signs of a Vitamin C Overdose

Although it might be hard to believe, vitamin c overdose can be a serious illness to deal with. The people most at risk for this type of vitamin overdose are ones who consume vitamin c supplements on a daily basis. This can be in the form of a chewable tablet, capsule, powder/drink, or even as part of a daily multivitamin supplement. Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t take vitamin c supplements, because they really can be quite a healthful addition to your diet, but one should be very careful about the amount that they consume on a daily basis.

It is safe to take up to 1000mg of vitamin c; however the daily recommended dose is only 70mg. Someone who is afraid that they might lack vitamin c in their diet might make the mistake of taking a 1000mg dose of vitamin c and also eat a few kiwi fruits or guavas on a daily basis. Unfortunately, consuming so much fruit that is high in vitamin c on top of such a high supplement dosage can cause more problems than it would solve. It is always a better idea to get as many vitamins and nutrients through natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. Vitamin capsules, powders, and chews are meant to be a supplement to your diet, rather than a main source of vitamins. In our example, the person is doing the opposite by depending on a huge vitamin supplement as their main source of vitamin c without taking their diet into consideration.

It is important to know that overdoing the vitamin supplements or eating too many foods high in vitamin c aren’t the only ways to “OD” on this vitamin. Some medical conditions also make one more prone to retain too much vitamin c. Simple conditions such as muscle sprains or bruises can make a person predisposed to absorbing too much vitamin c, but so can taking iron supplements. This is especially true of pregnant women who are more likely to be prescribed iron supplements. When the vitamin c combines with the iron, it can actually produce deposits of rust in the body which can be fatal.

Someone who has taken too much vitamin c may start to show signs that confirm their vitamin c overdose. Minor symptoms include a strong smell during urination, bloating or gas, nausea, and an upset stomach. One might also experience sores on the inside of their mouth. Diarrhea could also occur, but it’s harder to use this as a symptom of vitamin overdose as diarrhea can be caused by so many other foods or issues.

In a more severe case of overdose one might notice the following symptoms: the development of kidney stones, a greater need for oxygen, and deficiencies in B vitamins as well as copper. These symptoms usually only show up in more severe cases in which at least 6,000mg of vitamin c has been consumed, or when someone takes a large amount of vitamin c and other vitamins or minerals. It you have any of these symptoms and believe that the cause may be a severe overconsumption of vitamin c, speak to your doctor about ways to safely reduce your vitamin c intake, as well as how to treat your existing symptoms.

If vitamin c overdose is left too long, it can lead to many long term complications, such as kidney disease, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Many of these complications are irreversible or difficult to treat, so don’t let any suspected overdose go untreated. Talk to your doctor straight away if you believe you may be getting too much of any kind of vitamin.